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If you’ve been around the financial services industry for any amount of time you know that not all firms are looking out for their clients’ best interests. Neither are all firms organized to empower their advisors to do their best work with heart, grit, and intelligence. We built RWM Capital to work toward all of the above. We are empowering advisors every day to do the work that you dreamed your whole career of doing. And we’re doing it together.

RWM Capital

Empowering Our Advisors to Act As Fiduciaries

For our clients, RWM Capital is the operational backbone that powers all investment and compliance operations. Rather than acting on behalf of a big name bank or broker, we built RWM Capital to be fortify our independence and to legally act as a fiduciary where we are required to treat every dollar we manage as if it were our own.

What is a Fiduciary?

Many “advisors” are acting as sales people for their employers products. But not us.

The structure of RWM Capital and the fact that we are directly responsible to the SEC means we are true advisors and are required by compliance to act in our clients best interests.

Why Work With Us

We know it can be hard on your own. We want to see you succeed.

Just like you want the best for your clients, we want the very best for you. And we won’t stop until you get it. That’s one of the many reasons to choose Roberts Wealth as a partner.

What Sets RWM Capital Apart


The investment advisory landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Today’s advisors need ad RIA that not only puts the latest technology at their fingertips, but also provides them a platform with the advisor experience at the core of its design.


We believe in the power of exclusivity, which is why we choose to work with a limited number of advisors. This perspective allows our advisors to maintain a unique distinction from the competitors in their geographic. We strive to disrupt the cycle of self-defeating status quo by providing our advisors with: differentiated technology, truly unique portfolio construction and a marketable value proposition.

Private Label

Our entire platform can be private labeled under your unique brand, creating more loyalty between you and your clients.

YOU BUILD YOU. We’ll support you.

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When you join the Roberts team, you’re choosing the path of excellence and care. How you treat your clients, is how we expect to treat you. The right thing – all the time. That’s the Robert’s way.

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