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A plan shouldn’t be made by just one person. So we have a team.

When it comes down to it, you could find financial services anywhere. It’s the team of people and the plan they offer that creates something outstanding. At Roberts Wealth, we have assembled an exceptional team of people from different disciplines, all aimed at the same goal – giving you the most expertise and the greatest care for all your life’s plans. We’re here for you so you can be there for what matters most.

Paul E. Roberts

Founder | Wealth Advisor

With over 40 years of experience, knowledge, and dedication in the financial field, Paul Roberts has committed himself and Roberts Wealth to provide the best care and planning to his clients. Believing that the client comes first has been the core principle of Paul’s work since the founding of Roberts Wealth in Biloxi, Mississippi, almost 20 years ago. Since then, Paul has been an early adopter of new ideas and investment techniques that have helped bolster his clients to seek wealth management services or estate planning or retirement council. With a truly impressive knowledge of the financial world, and a clear goal of elevating his clients to a place of well-planned security, Paul continues to work alongside April in bringing the very best to the people of Houston, and to the clients at Roberts Wealth Management. When he’s not in the office, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife of 50 years, JoLynn, as well as outings with their three children and six grandchildren.

April Roberts

CEO | Wealth Advisor

A fiery visionary and fierce leader, April has built her reputation since 2008 by caring for her clients and providing exceptional insight into their financial futures. Constantly innovating, April continues to find ways to help businesses, families, and individuals get the most from life.

JoLynn Roberts

Director of Operations

Since 1978, JoLynn Roberts has worked tirelessly alongside her husband, Paul Roberts, in helping to advance the idea of putting the client first. Starting with the CPA firm that Paul founded in 1978, and then through her time at Roberts Wealth, JoLynn has used her background in business administration to help be the bridge between clients and advisors, making sure that they both receive the best care, and all the tools they need to be successful. In her spare time, JoLynn enjoys spending time with her family and, of course, spoiling her grandchildren.

Liza Espiritu

Director of Client Services

Tanzila Khorshed

Director of Client Advocacy

Christine Hartono

Client Advocate

Elizabeth Atmadja

Client Service Specialist

Joseph Willey

Client Service Specialist
& Paraplanner

Dena Lee

Dena Lee

Client Advocate

Patty Tasliman

Office Assistant

Ashley Peña

Financial Planning Intern

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Liza Espirtu | Director of Client Services

From the age of 18, Liza has been deeply embedded in the financial world. Her mother worked as a financial advisor and recruited young Liza to help with clerical and creative work for her small firm. In helping her mother, Liza grew a love for the Financial Services industry, especially the feeling of granting security and financial freedom to families. Now, through her work at Roberts, Liza gets to continue on the tradition of giving peace of mind to clients and helping to answer questions or inquiries they might have. Liza takes pride in her work because she takes pride in her clients.

Tanzila Khorshed | Director of Client Advocacy

Tanzila has a long history of helping others streamline and simplify their lives while adding value where there is a need. Her background as a teacher and academic technology coach gave her an appreciation for helping those who couldn’t help themselves and embracing technology to make people’s work and home life easier. As her father neared retirement, Tanzilla utilized all her skills to help him prepare for it, often spending hours on the phone with companies, trying to secure the very best future for her dad. In the process, she became fascinated with the financial world, and it eventually led her to Roberts Wealth. Now, Tanzilla helps Roberts’ clients find the quickest and most effective solutions to whatever question or problem they might be facing. It’s work that inspires true passion in her and lets her live out her dream of helping others to a better, more stable future.

Christine Hartono | Client Advocate

A graduate of the University of Kansas’ prestigious Graphic Design program, Christine brings a deep creative background to her work as a Client Advocate at Roberts. After moving to Houston with her family in 2013, Christine sought a job that would allow her to blend her love of creative work with the affinity she possesses for truly caring for and representing others well. Much like she did back when she was a designer, Christine works hard to make sure that her clients at Roberts feel seen, understood, and well spoken for. Christine is passionate about others, and it shows.

Elizabeth Atmadja | Client Service Specialist

Born in Indonesia, Elizabeth began her professional career as a financial auditor for one of the largest accounting firms in Indonesia. Soon after, she transitioned to working as a compliance officer, eventually helping to established and execute the firm’s procedures. In 2007, Elizabeth and her family immigrated to Canada, where she worked part-time while raising her family. Hoping to continue elevating possibilities for her family and herself, Elizabeth moved to Houston in 2012, where she found work with Roberts Wealth. Elizabeth believes deeply in family and treats her clients at Roberts Wealth as if they were just that. When not at work, you might find her baking, road-tripping, or working on a good jigsaw puzzle.

Joseph Willey | Client Service Specialist & Paraplanner

A recent graduate of the University of Houston’s Bauer School of Business, Joseph’s goal is to make a difference in the financial industry for the betterment of his clients. Excited to begin his career, Joseph is working on the Client Service Team at Roberts Wealth. Bringing multiple years in the customer service industry has allowed for a natural and smooth transition into Joseph’s current role of communicating with and serving the Roberts’ clients.

Dena Lee

Dene Lee | Client Advocate


Patty Tasliman | Marketing Assistant

Patty graduated from the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business School with a degree in Management & Leadership. She actively volunteers for The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Houston SPCA). Her love of animals brought her to working in the pet industry for 23 years. With strengths in organizational skills, Patty had been a critical element in making sure the office runs well. She assists the marketing team with their projects and events, organizing files, and ordering supplies. Outside work, she loves to swim and volunteer.

Ashley Peña | Financial Planning Intern

Ashley is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a career in financial planning. Her role as an intern with Roberts has allowed her to get a firsthand sense of the intricacies of the Wealth Management world, as well as the specialized way that Roberts goes about working with clients. Her goals are to finish school to take her Certified Financial Planner Exam, and come to work at Roberts. Learning how to uphold Roberts’ high standard for client work, as well as the expertise to provide the best possible care, is what motivates Ashley to continue to do her best while working with April and the rest of the team at Roberts.

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