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One Round Down
With January Behind us, We Wanted to Check in On Your 2021 Financial Journey
Roberts Wealth
July 6, 2022


If you’ve ever done any kind of exercise at all, you know that there comes a point when you want to quit. Ironically, this quitting point doesn’t mean that you can’t keep going — merely that you are tired and no longer want to keep going. But anyone who’s ever felt themselves running out of energy, and kept going, has found that they had a lot more in the tank to start with than they initially imagined.

For many, January is the time to start new goals — eating better, going to the gym more, maybe trying to get less angry in traffic, or spending some time each day meditating. Finances often fall into this resolution category, with all kinds of goals from spending less to saving more to investing differently to paying down debt. But according to Forbes, a totally demoralizing 80% of resolutions fail. That’s a lot of valiant effort. It’s painful to imagine that so much of it fails before it can truly come to fruition.


So where does that leave us, when so many have either already failed or are on their way to success? Well, let’s start with this:

First, if you’re the person who started a financial resolution on January 1st, only to see it die before reaching a month, don’t sweat it. Really. You’re in great company.

Second, if you’re the person who already knew about that 80% statistic and decided “I’m not even going to bother with it” and you didn’t set any goals (and still haven’t), congratulations. You’re in great company.

Third, if you’re the person who set down some financial goals, but you’re starting to get a little shaky every time you drive by the mall without stopping, don’t worry. Keep your eyes on the road and you’re in great company.

Fourth, if you’re the iron-willed monster who casually runs ultramarathons and never eats French fries and is the oh-yeah-I’m-crushing-my-financial-goals-cause-all-I-do-is-win person…then you have received your reward already and don’t need any praise from us. Just kidding, you’re an inspiration to us all and, oh yeah, you’re in great company.

Why do I keep saying “You’re in great company”? Because all of these people, from the pinchiest penny saver to the “what’s a budget” person, we’re all in this thing together. And more importantly, you probably ARE all these people, at least a combination of them, at one time or another. The financial world is not divided into winners and losers, scrimpers and spenders, savers and squanderers.

It’s divided into the people that love the financial process they’ve adopted, and those that wish they had a different one.

“You, wherever you are in your financial journey,
mountaintops, or valley bellow, we’re glad you’re here. “

11 TO GO

We primarily see two kinds of clients at Roberts — people who already love the process of financial planning and are looking to fine-tune their game. Or people who find the whole thing deeply tedious and are just looking for a way to streamline the aggravation.

Whether you’re the first person or the second, the truth is that there are eleven more months to 2021, until we set our sights on a new year. That’s eleven months of enjoyment, excitement, and working to build something that feels deeply rewarding — or eleven more months of aggravation, confusion, and wanting to throw in the towel.

And again, both of these people are probably you at some point. But over the course of the next year, we at Roberts are going to be spending an enormous amount of time in 2021 trying our very best to educate our clients, and the population at large, about how your personal finances can be a life-giving, stress-reducing activity. Shocking, we know, but it’s oh-so-true.

And before we got started with that, we just wanted to take a moment to encourage you: You, wherever you are in your financial journey, mountaintop, or valley below, we’re glad you’re here.

If you’ve failed your resolutions, know that you’ve only failed them for yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day, and it’s time to find a process that works.

If you’re crushing it, great work! We can’t wait to help you maximize the joy and life-giving nature of your financial process. In the meantime, please go eat a French fry.

And those in the middle — still unsure about it all? We’d love to know your questions, concerns, or anything else that might navigate you toward success in your financial goals this year. Drop us a line here below so that we know how to help!

Friends, clients, and all others — here’s to one month completed in 2021, and the eleven left to go.

You can do it. We can help.

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