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The Best Time for Innovation
As We End 2020, There’s More Than Sugar-Plums Dancing in our Heads
Roberts Wealth
July 6, 2022

December is the time of year when almost every company, except for the ones in the retail world, start to slow down. Most industries are throttling back and retooling for big launches in March or April of 2021 — by which time most people will have had enough of hiding from the cold and will be ready to embrace spring’s warmer weather and some much-needed optimism.

In short, December is when good ideas get shoved in a folder labeled “Next Year” and we traditionally put our feet up and have another cocoa cause baby it’s cold outside.

So then why are we at Roberts Wealth working on some big changes to our company’s brand…in December?
Well for starters, because inspiration shouldn’t come only when it’s convenient. In fact, sometimes, inspiration needs to arrive at a time when it’s least expected. Like in the dead of winter, when the nights are longest and days are shortest. We believe that everyone could use something new and beautiful at the start of 2021, not a few months in. So we aim to do just that.

Why else?

Because who wants a financial planner that’s just sitting back and sipping cocoa through winter? Nobody, that’s who. The markets haven’t stopped, neither has spending or saving, or our client’s needs to have someone who is actively listening and looking after their best interests. For many, this isn’t the time to take their chips down — it’s the time to raise the stakes. And if that’s true for our clients it should certainly be true for us too.

We’ve always hoped to be a bit revolutionary — inspiring a different way of looking at financial planning and, in the process, inspiring a better kind of industry too. Truthfully, we’re not satisfied with only doing something revolutionary for our clients, we want to do that for ourselves as well. And revolutionaries don’t take days off. Not even in December.

“… we want to boost the confidence of those who work with and for us. “

You’ll notice some changes around Roberts Wealth in January of 2021, both cosmetic and otherwise, as we continue searching for the best way to work for you. Don’t worry, these changes aren’t about altering our core beliefs or personnel. They’re about how we feel we’re growing as a firm and allowing that growth to be reflected on the outside as it’s happening on the inside. In the same way that a fresh haircut makes you stand a little taller and straighter, we want to boost the confidence of those who work with and for us. We think you look dashing, by the way, and we hope you’ll think the same of us.

Lastly, we believe in change when it’s not expected because it moves us forward. And even though our commitment to your beliefs and ours hasn’t changed in many years, what we do with those values should grow and stretch, so that they might withstand the test of time. We know you’re in it for the long haul — and we want to be too.

So while everyone else is having a break, we’re going to keep innovating, so that when 2021 gets here, it can be the best year possible.

Now, you sit back and enjoy that cocoa on us. We’re just getting started.

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