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Why Do I Need a Financial Planner?
And How to Find the Right One
Roberts Wealth
July 6, 2022


Wondering if you need a financial planner is like never having scuba-dived and wondering if you need a scuba instructor. Anyone can put on a wetsuit and get in the water. But scuba diving takes some actual knowledge and experience. Let’s be real; just about anyone can learn how to balance a checkbook, create a budget, and make it most of the way around the block without being ripped off by elaborate fees or poor investment choices. It isn’t that hard. You just keep everything you earned right where it is. You don’t gain anything extra, and you don’t put anything away for the future, but you also don’t lose anything.

That’s how far too many people think.

But if what you want is to actually get ahead (pay down debt, plan for retirement, invest properly in the stock market, and be free to live the life you love), then you need someone who knows how to navigate the waters. What is a Bull Market? What is a Testamentary Trust? How does the tax code work? There are 4,000 pages of tax code? Is there an abridged version? No? Am I eligible for a Stretch IRA? And on, and on, and on.

Oh, and like with scuba diving, the problem is that you don’t get infinite turns around the sun or an unlimited number of dollars to play with – you’re dealing with a finite resource: money.

So then, assuming you’ve found one with expertise, how does having a financial expert in your corner really help?


There are a handful of ways a good financial planner can help:

The first thing you should know is that a financial planner, a good one at least, should be on your side. They treat your goals like their goals and display empathy for the unique circumstances that make up your financial life. Everyone’s situation is different, and many individual factors decide what might be best financially for a person, family, or business. The technical word for this is “fiduciary,” and having one that meets this definition is key to your success.

A financial planner is someone who can see the various paths and helps you choose the one that suits you and your goals best. Not only that, a great financial planner should be able to adapt the plan to how things are going. That’s where the expertise comes in. You wouldn’t necessarily move toward the same investments if the market crashes, in the same way that you wouldn’t take the same approach to structuring your taxes in retirement if you were retiring early or with a full pension.

You don’t just need a plan that grows with you; you need a financial planner that grows with you.

Potentially the most beneficial thing a financial planner brings to the table. At Roberts, we call this the power of relationships. Our goal is to build relationships with our clients so that we aren’t just dispensing financial counsel devoid of actual knowledge of our clients, their goals, and their lives’ constraints. We help our clients navigate their financial lives because we know and understand the rest of their lives too.

Lastly, a great financial planner should be able to keep their eye on three distinct areas: your current cash flow, your path to financial independence, and your legacy desires. This ability to coordinate all three at once is a staple of a financial planner who’s worth their salt. It’s not enough to be able to keep your eye on one ball; you have to keep them on all three to build a financial life worth living truly.

“This clarity of mind and peace in what the future will hold means that there’s more time for you to spend on the things you care about and less time worrying about the
financial possibilities. “


Whether you’re just starting a career, a family, getting ready to retire, or thinking about the legacy you will leave to those that matter most, the real goal of a financial planner is to create clear and insightful lanes of action for you to take. This clarity of mind and peace in what the future will hold means that there’s more time for you to spend on the things you care about and less time worrying about the financial possibilities.

At Roberts Wealth, we’ve made it our goal in life to help navigate you through the dark and murky waters to an open sea where you can enjoy all that life has to offer. We’re not miracle workers or magicians – what we have is a dedication to excellence and to taking care as if you were a member of our own family. That’s the Roberts way.

Curious whether a financial planner might be right for you? Wondering how you might change the way your financial future looks? We’d love to hear from you!


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