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The world of investing is exciting, rewarding, and full of options to pursue. But there are also pitfalls to consider. We know that you’ve worked hard for your money, and investing should feel less like a gamble and more like a logical conclusion. That’s why we use the latest investment technology to craft investment strategies that not only yield results but reward your hard work with trackable, growing returns.

Investment Strategy

Because you want to know your investments are in the hands of those you trust.

We help plan and implement investing strategies through sub-advisors. Because your investment future shouldn’t be left up to strangers, it should be in the hands of friends.

No More Crystal Balls.

Advisors have historically managed your money two ways: trying to repeat the past and predict the future. Unfortunately, both strategies often fall disappointingly short of your goals. Roberts portfolio technology allows us to use adaptive technology to interpret buying and selling signals in real-time. No more guessing about your future.

How We Do It

The strategy seeks to provide exposure to growth investments with an emphasis on total return in all market environments using quantitative factors to evaluate a diversified lineup of investments. Whew! What a mouthful, right? In short, the Roberts strategy has the ability to invest between 0% and 100% cash. First with portfolio creation, then portfolio surveillance, as shown below.


Portfolio Creation

Set Portfolio Objective

Each portfolio is defined by a set of investment objectives that guides a fiduciary asset selection and observation process.

Set Asset Selection

A documented strategy sets the risk tolerance, time horizon, asset allocation, and other key factors to apply our surveillance of the portfolio.

Set Securities List

The strategy then narrows the universe of observable securities into a target list of potential investments into a particular portfolio.

Portfolio Surveillance

Monitor List Daily

At the end of each day, our technology measures the price behavior based on underlying algorithms.

Rank Securities

Based on which of the two functioning modes has been selected for the portfolio, securities are scored for suitable selections in the current investment period.

Update Portfolio

On a planned schedule, the holdings are updated based on the results produced by our daily market surveillance.

Put Your Portfolios In Perspective.

Use the Roberts Way to build a strategy around your investing.

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