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Experience you can trust.

We know life moves fast.
So at Roberts, we’ve made it our goal to be a wealth manager
that doesn’t just plan for the future.
We help create it too.

Our Story

Like you, we’ve worked hard to get here.

Founded in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1998, Paul Roberts started Roberts Wealth Management to create a company that sought to care for the client’s needs above all else. His daughter, April Roberts, joined the Roberts Wealth team back in 2008. A former attorney and a graduate of Notre Dame Law School, April has taken her father’s vision and transported it to her beloved Texas. RWM Capital officially listed as an RIA with the SEC in 2020. No matter where you find them, Roberts Wealth is focused on one thing – their clients.

by Our Team

With an extensive base of knowledge from Estate Planning, to Tax Law, to Investing, to everything in between, our advisors are some of the most highly skilled experts in the business. They’re pretty rad people too.

Our Values

Not every wealth manager stands for something.
But we do.

Because we believe our clients are invaluable, we have determined that the best way to honor their time, hard work, and money is to believe the best about them and let that affect how we run a business. That starts by saying out loud, “This Is Who We Are” and then putting it somewhere people can read it. Each of our core values has been shaped by years of experience in our field, as well as by the heart and care that April and our other advisors strive to give each client.

Building You
A Better Us

Like you, we’re always trying our hardest to get better! Look what
we’re up to.


We work toward your goals as if they were our own.



We believe financial freedom empowers overall personal wellness.



Anything that truly matters should last for generations.

Our Mission

At Roberts Wealth, our goal is to build strong relationships with our clients to provide adaptable, focused, and technologically superior financial planning no matter what stage of life
they might be in.

Our Promise

Helping you invest in a life well lived by treating you like a friend, not merely a client.

Any advisor can help you invest in a portfolio or a product. But at Roberts Wealth, our commitment is to the investment that matters most: a life well lived for you and for those you love.

The Questions Asked Most

Should I hire a fiduciary?

You should always ensure that your financial advisor first and foremost represents YOU, not a financial company. That’s the difference between an advisor and a salesperson. The next level up is a fiduciary, where your advisor is contractually required to act first in your best interests. We believe in that so much that we created RWM Capital as our independent backbone to ensure that we could act as fiduciaries on your behalf.

Will I receive a financial plan?

Yes! All our financial plans are managed through an online portal, but many of our clients love getting a printed plan delivered as well. Financial planning is the foundation of everything we do, and so the plan informs every piece of advice we offer you.

What should I bring to my first meeting?

Your first meeting is a very brief discovery call (phone or video) with one of our team. Based on your needs and how we can best support you, we determine the next steps, including what documentation we need. We provide secure online forms to help us efficiently gather that data for you. You can easily schedule your call (link) right here through our website.

Are you available virtually?

Yes. Everything we do is to support our clients so you can focus on a life well-lived. We offer our full services either in person or virtually. Either way, start with a no-commitment 15-minute call (link) with our team to discuss what works for you.

How do you get paid?

We can be paid in a variety of ways depending on each client’s unique planning needs, and all are readily disclosed to you. Primarily we are paid a small percentage of the assets we manage, and in some situations, we can be paid through the products we recommend to you, generally when those products are insurance-based.

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We don’t expect to answer everything here
– a website is a poor substitute for a conversation.

While online is a great place to start a conversation about wealth, investing, or planning – what we at Roberts love is getting to hear your questions over the phone or in person. Curious about how to do that? Click below!

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